Do you sometimes feel that life is just too hard, that even getting up in the morning is too much of an effort?

Ever just felt that you will never be enough and find it hard to talk about how you feel?

Have you found it hard to work out what you are feeling and find it is easier to be distracted by watching T.V or sleeping?

Then you have experienced some of the symptoms associated with depression. You can help yourself by learning the tools to help you connect with your more resourceful self, especially after clearing your negative emotions.

  • We can lift depression and other negative emotions such as anger, fear, sadness and hurt quickly.
  • We can help you choose your emotional state and not have it choose you.

In the 1950’s depression was a rare disorder, however today it is reaching epidemic proportions and regularly medicated. For many people this offers a quick fix, yet clients can remain on the drugs for many years with numerous side effects.

For about 90% of people their depression is a learned pattern of behaviour which they can quickly change to gain lasting relief from the symptoms. We have helped many people move away from medication with the help of their Doctor by teaching them how to use their mind more effectively while connecting with their resources to free them from the mind-set that is depression.

Most people cannot believe the immediate relief they get after their first coaching session. Over about six sessions most people learn to focus on their positive future and have gained the skills to keep themselves out of depression or strong negative emotional states. 

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