A large proportion of our behaviour is habitual. This represents patterns of behaviour that have become built into our unconscious mind because they are repetitive. Think of the first time you drove a car or rode a bike and all the things you had to do simultaneously. You were probably in an overloaded emotional state. Contrast that with what happens now when you drive a car or ride a bike. You probably act automatically and don’t think about it until way down the street.

Habits are neither good nor bad in themselves, but the consequences can be. Car driving or bike riding are very useful habitual patterns to learn. They save us using thinking energy on every action we take and make everything more efficient.

However, as we know only too well, many habits can cause us great grief and major harm. Excessive cigarette smoking, gambling, alcohol and drug taking, obesity and other eating disorders are all examples of habits that cause us harm and come at great cost to us, our families and our communities.

These are all examples of self-harm, kept firmly in place through the addictive nature of the substances or activities and the associations we make in our brains. They also signal that some of our basic human needs are not being adequately met.

We can offer a process that has very high success rates in changing habits in an easy and effortless manner.

Tracey (Could not eat vegetables / emotional eating)

Good morning Alan. Just letting you know how things are going. My family are stunned by what I’m eating. So far since Tuesday I’ve had: cooked carrots, pumpkin, silverbeet, snow peas, beans, butter beans, baby corn and red peppers.Loved them all, I can’t have a lot yet but I think that’s just my body getting used to the new taste. I had marrow but didn’t like it.It’s such a novel thing to see veg on my plate and know I can eat them and enjoy them I think I’m going to drive everyone crazy soon. I can’t thank you enough you’ve changed my life. …..

….and….. you have helped me a great deal – I have currently lost 15kgs