This is coaching at its best. Our YLLI mission is to help as many people as possible to live their life to the full. This means that you feel great, life is good and you are happy, focused and living fully with purpose and meaning – passionately!

We know all too well that life is short and every day needs to be lived on purpose.
We can help you take it to the next level and assist you to create your future to be exactly as you want it. We all create our own reality – consciously and/or unconsciously.

How does your present reality stack up?
Living passionately means having the confidence, self-assurance, and understanding of your own values to know what you want to attract into your life. It’s being able to walk into a room feeling comfortable in your skin. If someone doesn’t like you or doesn’t like something you do, is it your problem or theirs? The answer, providing you are clear on your values and who you are, is always, theirs.

Life is too short to be anxious, frightened or shy, go and get exactly what YOU want from life, grab it with both hands and LIVE! And this my friends is how we can help you. However we do remind you that you need to be bold, brave, open to all possibilities and willing to take constructive feedback on board.

I and all other YLLI coaches have had extensive life experience – including cancer, or losing relatives to cancer, accidents or other mishaps, had relationship break-ups, formed new relationships and dealt with all manner of other curve balls and challenging life events.

You can have the tools without having to learn the hard way – although sometimes the learnings from these events are invaluable in providing the direction ahead. But we were fortunate to have those tools in our lives when life threw us curve balls, and we know they work.

In your brain you have an amazing super-computer. The programming (of your unconscious mind) has pretty much been done for you and the outcome is your present reality. You do not have to live with this reality as the hypnosis and NLP tools we have available give you the ability to rewrite the programmes and create a new reality – just the way you want it!


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