Having a panic attack is something you will find hard to forget in a hurry, in fact the fear of having another one can become a panic attack in itself!

When this panic attack takes hold it is so debilitating that it leaves you exhausted, unable to focus, everything seems to be amplified, bigger, scarier than in real life. This in itself puts you in danger, running away from a wasp for fear of it stinging you, flying in an aircraft but being so tense and unable to breathe puts an enormous strain on your nervous system and heart. Yet, if you have an attack in one environment such as an aircraft then the idea of flying again can just become too much. We have worked with clients who have not flown for years, not swum in open water for fear of their life, not wanted to go into a public building for fear of an earth quake, not travelled for fear of elevators and escalators.

  • We know that your attacks are real and we can help you to re-program the thinking that creates the attack.
  • We will work with you quickly so in one session you can feel very different about the very thing that would cause an attack.

We have helped people overcome some pretty big stuff when it comes to panic attacks, helping them to live life normally again after such a disaster, in a drug free way.

We also have highly effective processes to deal with phobias of all types including fear of mice, spiders and almost anything you can become fearful of.

The Rewind Technique is also highly effective in lifting Trauma and PTSD symptoms – often years after the traumatic event occurred. 

You do not have to live with these symptoms. Contact us now

Angela (Intense fear of flying / Phobia)

Hi Alan: Yes you did help me and I thank you so very much!!!I even think I’m looking forward to the next time ……… and subsequently…You have saved me!!! My husband is very pleased too. I think at the start he wasn’t sure this would work, but now we both know for sure it has!!!I will be forever grateful to you!!I have no issue with a testimonial because without you, I wouldn’t be flying.

PS, best money I have every spent, well worth every cent, thank you so much again!