Emotive Minds processes will enable you to lift most phobias and traumas within hours or days.
This will be a lasting outcome, delivered through individual coaching.

Simple one-off events are likely to be resolved in one session. More complex or multiple traumas are likely to require additional time and support to resolve.

We have successfully used these processes with numerous people
(See testimonials below)

Phobias and traumas are emotion-driven learned behaviours which have come from sudden or repeated highly stressful events. These events are associated with very high levels of emotion.

One single resolve coaching session may be enough to end your phobia or trauma!

If you are phobic or traumatised you are likely to:

  • Have PTSD symptoms – physical and emotional / mental
  • Experience vivid flashbacks or nightmares
  • Have uncontrollable thoughts about the event
  • Be triggered by different external objects or situations

You do not need to go through life feeling this way! 

Our coaching will release the intense negative emotions associated with phobias and traumatic events

Imagine for one moment how you will feel living without your phobia or trauma. 

Let us easily and effortlessly resolve these problems – perhaps in a single session.

Buy now!!!!  You will not regret it.

If you want to discuss this further please text or email through the links below and we will be in contact asap.



I was in Japan when I had an unexpected traumatic event. I was unable to move due to breaking both tibia and fibula of my right leg. Upon returning to New Zealand I started to have attacks, which would sweep over me in situations I felt I wasn’t in control of, such as in an airplane, driving a car, showering and out in public areas.

I tried therapy, which took me through every single inch of what had happened, they suggested relaxation positions and no real progress was made.  I was then recommended a session with Allan. In the beginning I was upset as I tried to explain why I had come. He then guided our conversation smoothly into the session. We didn’t go into detail of my event, yet I was able to take control of that memory, the emotions attached to it and now no longer let it control me.

I have not had an attack since my session with Allan and can now revisit my trauma as just part of my history. It had been such a difficult time emotionally and not having these attacks has absolutely helped me continue to enjoy life the way it should be.


I cannot express how effective and freeing my sessions with Alan were. Having been a smoker since I was 10 years old he paved the way for me and brought about the smallest, yet biggest changes into my life with his work. He helped me bring back my light, my confidence, belief in self and knowing which I’d begun to lose in every aspect of my life. I will be forever grateful for what he has done for me, what I gained from the techniques he applied to release the negative emotions/thoughts holding me down. Thanks to Alan I am no longer imprisoned by smoking nor the trauma driving that habit, over-whelm, fear or stagnancy. After a long journey I now have my life and my power back! Anyone who works with Alan will see and feel the quality of his methods and also appreciate him as a person, I found him to be non-judgmental and a really genuine person which in itself means he can create a space for movement, potential and overall well-being! What more could you ask for?

ANGELA:  Fear of Flying (Phobia)

Hi Alan
You have saved me!!!
My husband is very pleased too. I think at the start he wasn’t sure this would work, but now we both know for sure it has!!!
I will be forever grateful to you!!
Without you, I wouldn’t be flying.

PS, best money I have every spent, well worth every cent, thank you so much again!
Yes you did help me and I thank you so very much!!!
I even think I’m looking forward to flying the next time


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