We spend a very significant portion of our life working. It is likely to be one of the main avenues through which we seek to achieve our life purpose and meaning. For many people their personal identity is closely tied to their work. The ideal is to love your work, which then becomes a source of satisfaction and pleasure – not a disempowering and dreary grind. However it seems that only the fortunate few achieve the ideal and general levels of job satisfaction do not rate highly.

Career coaching, perhaps in tandem with life coaching, provides the means for you to identify:

  • Your work values and best fit work setting
  • The competencies that you most prefer to use in your work
  • The industries you would prefer to work within
  • The jobs most likely to suit you and your skills
  • In times of career change or transition you may need to look to the future to establish where you want to go in terms of your life in general

Points where you may particularly benefit from career coaching are:

  • Leaving school and considering work and training options / opportunities
  • Being made redundant or otherwise losing your job
  • After suffering an injury or illness that impacts upon your ability to work or remain in your present role
  • When retiring from the full-time paid workforce
  • Any point where you have lost interest in your work and want a change of focus or direction
  • Any point where your current job does not look to have good future prospects

You may also need job application and coaching support to develop a targeted CV and cover letter, set a job search strategy or brush up your presentation and interview skills.

With over 30 years of career coaching experience I am highly competent in providing all of the above services.



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