Emotive Minds processes will enable you to take control of stress within days.

This will be a lasting outcome, providing you use the tools we give you on an on-going basis.

We have successfully used these processes with numerous people.  They work!

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Stress is an emotion-driven learned behaviour which can be very disabling and destressing.

Beyond a certain level, stress will morph into other behaviours including anxiety, depression, phobias, traumas and more.  It can also underlie habits and addictions – smoking, food, alcohol and chronic illnesses.

Various surveys and research reports show that 75 to 90% of all doctor’s office visits are for stressrelated ailments and complaints.

When stressed, your brain is overwhelmed by emotion.   The ongoing effect of even low-level stress can lead to major illnesses.

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If you are stressed you are likely to:

  • Feel fatigued, tired or exhausted
  • Be more irritable and agitated
  • Have insomnia / other sleep issues
  • Feel muscle tension / tightening
  • Have digestive disorders
  • Experience performance issues of various types
  • Get back pain and headaches
  • Have breathing difficulties – more rapid and shallow

The body and mind are revved up, preparing you to fight or flight

You do not need to go through life feeling this way!

Our coaching will clear all negative emotions and give you skills to take control of your stress and manage it effectively.

Imagine for one moment how you will feel living without constant high stress levels.

Let us easily and effortlessly change your stress into calm relaxed energy.

Buy now!!!!  You will not regret it.


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 Julia R (Employer of health care staff):

 Interpersonal relationships both at work and out of work have become increasingly complex. With the recent Health and Safety at Work 2015 legislation it has become the employer’s responsibility to ensure that work place relationships are positive, safe, fair and equitable. 


Alan provides a unique service to staff that enables and empowers them to understand what their issues are and work to resolve them effectively and in timely manner. As of course employers know that staff who are experiencing issues at work often experience them in their personal life. I cannot stress the timeliness of this type of intervention as I have experienced staff having 1-2 sessions and having the tools to be more effective at work and in their personal life!!




It’s amazing to think this time last year when I came back from overseas and not long after that I came to visit you, quite confused about where to go and what to do. A year later I have a Bachelor’s degree, I have a clear career path, can cope with public speaking, have met the man of my dreams and am moving to Auckland soon to be with him!!! Thanks so much for all your help and for the tools to get me on the right track.


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